Bars Counters/Reception Desks

We can help design and build a range of bespoke oak bars for your recreation room (man cave) in any timber Imagine inviting your friends over to a night to remember, propping up your own bar! That dream can easily be achieved from traditional “gentleman’s club” look to a more contemporary style, we can help design and manufacture the perfect bar for your space and needs.  Make sure to check out our Gallery as well. We are able to craft some of the best joinery in a range of different oak bars wood so if you are interested in getting an oak bar from The Oak Workshop for a helping hand today. So, if you are in need of a way to serve beer, wine or cocktails at home to your friends then make sure to get in touch for an oak bar.

Lastly, we have a range of different hardwood timber that we can utilise in order to build the perfect reception desk for your office. A reception desk is very important to any business or public institution, it represents the identity of the organisation as a first interaction between companies and their clients, visitors and partners. This is why we always try to ensure the best quality product available, after all we are sure that you will want to ensure that you have a durable and high-quality desk for any meeting that you have coming up.

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So, if you are interested in a durable and superb looking bar, counter or reception desk then we recommend that you get in touch with The Oak Workshop today to enquire about our services.

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Design Services

At the Oak Workshop we offer a full design drawing service to enable local authority permission for our bespoke joinery products. Including listed & conservation building consent, building control, and to support any order placed whether it is a single window, staircase or a larger project that requires a schedule linked to drawings. Please note that we only provide this service after you have placed an order with The Oak Workshop.

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