Green Oak Porches

Green oak porches have a beauty all of their own, it has many splits and “shakes” knots etc giving a rustic charm, as the wood “air dries” it will develop more splits and shakes enhancing the character of the timber.  The splits and shakes in the oak, do not undermine the structure and strength of the timber in fact it improves as it ages. 

 Our green oak porches are fast becoming a hugely popular addition to the products we offer.  A timeless green oak porch, as well as being practical, can make a striking entrance to your property.  Here at The Oakworkshop we can design and manufacture the perfect addition to your property.  We are also happy to design and supply green oak balconies, carports, garage frames.  They are all traditionally made with draw & peg mortice and tenon joints here in our workshop.

Our green oak porches are designed and made ready to be supplied to your local contractor in order for them to install. Whatever frame design requirements you need for your porch kit, we have it covered. For further advice or to discuss your project ideas please contact us or come and visit us we are always happy to have a chat over a cup of tea.

Why Buy a Green Oak Porch?

There are a number of reasons why we choose to source and build with green oak. Firstly, green oak is one of the most durable and naturally defensive materials you can source. Secondly it can be virtually maintenance free. There are treatments that can be used to maintain the colour should you wish, However this will then require regular maintenance. We would recommend you research the best product for your needs and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you allow the oak to age naturally and gracefully then it is virtually maintenance free.

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What are the Best Locations for a Green Oak Porch?

In most cases, porches are predominantly at the front door or back door of a property entrance. Although porches vary in sizes, their primary purpose is to create a charming and inviting entrance to your property. Choosing the size of your green oak porch is also important, as it needs to merge with your property’s structure and design.

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Design Services

At the Oak Workshop we offer a full design drawing service to enable local authority permission for our bespoke joinery products. Including listed & conservation building consent, building control, and to support any order placed whether it is a single window, staircase or a larger project that requires a schedule linked to drawings. Please note that we only provide this service after you have placed an order with The Oak Workshop.

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