Terms and Conditions


A – Material Facts of the Customer Instruction and Relationship



  1. Estimates are supplied to the customer upon request and are based on the dimensions and designs provided by the customer.
  2. Prices on estimates are valid for six weeks.
  3. Estimates will be revisited and price adjusted, if necessary, should an order take place after the six-week period.
  4. If the customer makes amendments or additions, the estimate will be revised accordingly.



  1. In order to secure an order, customers are to pay the sum that equates 50% value of the order plus VAT. This will be detailed on customer invoice.
  2. Specification drawings form part of the contract and will be provided in due course once deposit payment has been made.
  3. All measurements required for the order are to be taken and provided by the customer. TOW will offer advice on what measurements are needed. These measurements will depict the order on the drawings provided by TOW and ultimately dictate the production of an order.
  4. Drawings are to be reviewed, and any amendments are to be submitted via email to TOW. Drawings will be adapted and reissued to the customer in due course.
  5. Drawings are to be approved, via email by the customer once they are satisfied with all elements. This is extremely important as the order will be manufactured according to the dimensions approved on the drawings.  Any alterations once manufacture has begun, if adaptation is a possibility will result in a cost implication to the customer.
  6. Site visits are a possibility. This is dependant on locality and workload at that particular time of request.  There would be a cost implication should the customer opt for a site visit.  Acceptance of site visit requests is at the discretion of TOW.
  7. Customers are provided with an approximate lead time at the time of estimation. This is to be taken from the date that drawings were approved. This is subject to change at any point during the order due reasons not controlled by TOW i.e. supply of outside goods and services.  If required, customers will be kept up to date with how their order is progressing.
  8. All completed work is supplied in a 100% untreated form to a sanded completed finish unless a finish is agreed as part of the order specifications.
  9. At the time of completion, the balance invoice will be submitted to the customer. This will include any changes or additions to the order and will be updated as necessary.
  10. Payment is required prior to, or upon collection of goods from TOW. We do not accept bank cheques or American Express cards.
  11. All goods remain the property of TOW until paid for in full. TOW will attempt to contact the customer should payment remain outstanding.  After a period of six months without contact from the customer if the remaining balance is still outstanding TOW reserve the right for disposal or resale of item/items at our discretion to recuperate costs.  Any monies paid previously by customer will be non-refundable.



  1. If the customer decides that they wish to cancel an order after deposit has been paid- funds shall be returned via their original payment method minus any out-of-pocket expenses (if occurred) including, but not limited to cost to produce drawings or order of materials. This shall be discussed with the customer should cancellation arise.
  2. Request to cancel is required in writing.



  1. Customer to organise collection after liaising with TOW. Collection is preferred in person. If this is not viable, then a dedicated courier or named person is able to collect goods from TOW if details are provided to TOW and authorisation is provided by the customer.
  2. If there is a cost implication for couriers then this is solely the responsibility of the customer to arrange and cover.
  3. It is the full responsibility of the customer to arrange suitable transportation prior to loading and in transit after loading is completed. Customer to supply necessary protection for transporting goods.
  4. After collection of goods, TOW is resolved of all responsibility for state of goods during transit and offloading goods at destination.
  5. If completed goods are not yet required by the customer then there may be a possibility of storing them at TOW. Full payment must be made in order to request this.
  6. Acceptance of requests for storage will be at the discretion of TOW and will depend on available space in the workshop at that given time.
  7. If storage is agreed, TOW will store goods for up to four weeks. Time periods that exceed this may result in a charge to the customer.
  8. At the time of collection: the customer (or agreed courier) is to sign the collection checklist to ensure all elements relating to that order are present and correct at time of departure. Any pieces lost in transit/damaged/cut incorrectly on site is the responsibility of the customer and replacements will be charged for.


Post Collection

TOW advise that goods collected are installed as soon as possible.

  1. It is the full responsibility of the customer to store the completed works after collection. See ‘Risks’ below.
  2. It is the full responsibility of the customer to research and seek appropriate professional advice on the treatment and protection of the completed works
  3. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that suitable sealant is applied to all end grains and any/all cut outs- locks etc.
  4. If installation is delayed, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure goods are stored correctly until required.


Issues or Queries

  1. After collection, if the customer believes there is a discrepancy with the order- TOW are to be made aware of this ASAP. Anything after 14 days of collection date will not be deemed the responsibility of TOW, unless it is a fundamental flaw or a mistake made by TOW. At this point an investigation will be made.
  2. In the unlikely event that an error has occurred where the blame lies with TOW, TOW must be given the opportunity to rectify the issue and necessary timescales will be agreed with the customer at this time.



  1. In the event of the customer choosing a timber species other than advised by TOW a disclaimer is included on the specification drawing
  2. In the event that a client chooses or opts for a design that TOW advises is not suitable for the specifications provided, by failing to heed advice exonerates TOW for responsibility for performance of goods made to client’s instruction.
  3. Timber is a natural product that is sensitive to the damaging effects of moisture on the physical integrity if the completed work is not
    1. stored correctly to mitigate or minimise the risk of moisture content increasing
    2. treated correctly to a standard required to ensure it is suitable for the function it has been purchased for
    3. even in the case of appropriate storage and treatment it is possible for the physical integrity of timber products to change


Green Oak

Due to the nature of the loose items, cut from green oak they are susceptible to movement and ideally need to be fitted or secured as soon as possible after collection.