Oak Staircase

An oak staircase can be an impressive focal point in your home not just a means of getting from one floor to the other. 

We can design and manufacture your oak staircase to suit your style and budget in any hardwood such as American White Oak, Ash etc. Or Redwood, whether you are after an impressive impact or just wish to update and old staircase at The Oakworkshop we are happy to discuss the options available to you.  

Handrail comes in many different sizes and patterns from contemporary style to traditional or continuous wreathed handrailing and we can make them all.

Because all our quality oakstaircases are handmade, we are able to offer a wide range of designs, including hand carved handrailsand staircase balustrades, cut string curved staircasesclosed string curved staircases , beautiful helical and spiral oak curved staircases to your design.

Spindles also come in a vast range of styles and patterns, it all depends upon your taste! Get in touch with us today

Closed String

A traditionally made “closed string” staircase is inherently a simple design but with enough detail to still be an impressive feature. It is manufactured with a solid timber string enclosing the treads and risers.
The top of the string on this style of staircase would normally be finished with capping to accommodate the spindles, which are spaced equally between the newel posts and held in place with infill spacers.
The closed string staircase can be finished with bullnose and curtail treads at the bottom of the flight to give a more open feel to the first few steps. If you are interested in our closed string staircase then get in touch with The Oak Workshop now.

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Cut String

A bespoke “cut string” staircase can give a grand appearance and feel to your home. Typically the newel string is cut to follow the treads and risers. The treads and risers can either mitred back into the string or returned over the string with a decorative apron.
They are also available with or without a set of decorative brackets. Like a standard staircase these stairs normally need to be plastered on the underside as glue blocks are commonly used in the construction. So, if you are interested in our cut string option get in touch with us at The Oak Workshop now.

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Open Tread

In simple terms an “open tread” staircase has no riser, which allows you to “see through the gap” between each tread and can help to lighten up a dark hallway. In order to meet building regulations, it is necessary to use a small timber drop riser to ensure that the gap between each tread is no more than 100mm.
Furthermore, a large closed staircase can easily disrupt the appearance of an open floorplan, with an open tread staircase this is not the case. If anything, having an open tread staircase will, in fact, help to enhance your open floor plan.
An Open Tread Staircase is more than just a way to add extra light to your space, it can also create an airy and accessible atmosphere that will make your space feel much bigger. So, if you are interested in our open tread staircase then make sure to get in touch with The Oak Workshop.

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Winder Staircase

A winder staircase is a specialised curved staircase with a small footprint and big impact. When 3 steps are used to turn a 90 degree corner the middle step is called a “kite winder” as it is kite shaped. Winder staircases can be either closed, cut string or open tread and are used to change direction without a landing.
One of the big advantages of winder stairs is that they require less space than many other types of stairs. They are very common in older homes, often used as a secondary staircase where the grand staircase may be used in the entry whilst the winder would usually be used as an access to the kitchen.
Be aware though, a winder staircase much like L shaped staircases will typically require a centre support. So, if you are interested in our winder staircase then make sure you get in touch with The Oak Workshop.

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Design Services

At the Oak Workshop we offer a full design drawing service to enable local authority permission for our bespoke joinery products. Including listed & conservation building consent, building control, and to support any order placed whether it is a single window, staircase or a larger project that requires a schedule linked to drawings. Please note that we only provide this service after you have placed an order with The Oak Workshop.

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